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Bulk Wire and Cable

Phyco supplies a vast array of UL and ROHS compliant bulk cable and wire. We stock flat IDC ribbon from ten conductors thru sixty four conductors. All of our CAT.5, CAT.5-e, CAT.6 and CAT.7 bulk cable are UL and RoHs compliant. The CAT.5 series or LAN Cables are produced into four flammability ratings which are: CMX, CM, CMR and top rated Plenum CMP with FEP insulation and jacket. Four, six and eight conductor telephone wire is available both in lengths or bulk rolls. Both 26 and 28 AWG black and Silver Satin bulk cable stocked for your convenience.

Telecommunications. Infrastructure, military, medical and computer / communications are just a few industries that benefit from Phyco’s cable assistance.

Our engineering team helps clients all over the world determine which cable is right for their projects. By stocking so many cables, we can put the correct cable in your hands immediately.

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