Electronic Products  

Electronic Products

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Flat Ribbon Cable

Bulk Wire and Cable

Phyco supplies a vast array of UL and ROHS compliant bulk cable and wire. We stock flat IDC ribbon from ten conductors thru sixty four conductors. All of our CAT.5, CAT.5-e, CAT.6 and CAT.7 bulk cable are UL and RoHs compliant. The CAT.5 series or LAN Cables are produced into four flammability ratings which are: CMX, CM, CMR and top rated Plenum CMP with FEP insulation and jacket. Four, six and eight conductor telephone wire is available both in lengths or bulk rolls. Both 26 and 28 AWG black and Silver Satin bulk cable stocked for your convenience.

Telecommunications. Infrastructure, military, medical and computer / communications are just a few industries that benefit from Phyco’s cable assistance.

Our engineering team helps clients all over the world determine which cable is right for their projects. By stocking so many cables, we can put the correct cable in your hands immediately.

Modular Jack Low Profile - Right Angle (0.53 in) - No Panel Stops/with Panel Stops/Partial Shield


Phyco has been committed to supplying the telco industry since 1991. From couplers and faceplates to modular jacks and adapters, Phyco has them in stock. Our modular adapters are manufactured either plastic or metalized plastic and shielded or unshielded versions. To fit your every application, we stock a wide variety of sizes and colors. V.35 and gender changers are stocked as well. Electrical, medical and construction are just a few of the industries we currently support.
Standard Right Angle PCB Connector - Non-Shielded/Shielded

Electronic Connectors

Phyco stocks over 3000 different electronic connectors. Everything from IDC sockets, Headers, D-subs, board level components, PCB connectors, Centronics, Mod Plugs, Jacks and many more.

Phyco produces connectors with various plating finishes. Some applications require a tin finish, others gold plating. Our cat5E mod plugs are equipped with 50 microns of gold to ensure durability along with noise reduction clarity.

Whether you need high density, vertical, low profile, solder or crimp, Phyco has the electronic components ready to assist you in all of your electronic requirements.

Having served the computer and telecommunication industries for over 20 years, Phyco connectors are quality proven while being budget friendly.

Modular Line Cord - Voice/Data

Custom Cables

Phyco has been producing quality custom cables for over 20 years. Phyco’s custom cables are used in many fields: medical, high tech, computer and telecomm industries. Our engineering department works with you to ensure proper design and function. Phyco can build and stock your custom cables, offering the significant advantage of allowing customers to adjust their production schedule with increases or decreases. Our JIT (just in time) stocking / delivery system eliminates lead-times keeping production lines up and running.

Phyco produces custom cables including: SCSI, II, III; V.35; CD Rom; HDMI; IEEE; RCA; RF; DVI; SMA many more. We manufacture both assembly or molded cables.

From the simplest phone cord to the more intricate UL 1332 FEP halogen free cables, Phyco has the desire, skill and capacity to fulfill all of your custom cable needs.

D-Sub Hood - Plastic/Metalized Plastic

Jackscrew Accessories

Phyco’s machine shop manufactures the highest quality die cast hoods and hardware available anywhere. Our precision molds ensure exact matching for easy production. Our hoods or back shells are produced in plastic, metalized plastic or die cast metal.

Our 440 standoff screws come in a variety of sizes to meet many production variables. Phyco’s BNC line of conductors supports the audio- visual industry. We also manufacture connectors that support RG-6, RG-58, RG-59, RG-62, RG-174 and RG-178 coax assemblies. With 50 and 75 OHM, high and low rise connectors, Phyco has all of your coaxial needs covered.